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  • Timed or 24x7

    Flexible store options to maximize fundraising, logistics, and convenience.

  • Hassle-free store setup

    100% free, our team takes care of all the details so you don't have to worry about a thing.

  • Top brands & best price

    Name brand or not, we bring you quality on-trend assortment that you’ll love for less.

  • Direct or Bulk Shipping

    We ship direct to the family or in bulk organized by team. All in 15 business days or less.

Some of our Available Brands

Your logo, your colors, your spirit wear

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  • Art Number: AVBSP015

  • Art Number: AVBSP016

  • Art Number: AVBSP017

  • Art Number: AVBSP018

  • Art Number: AVBSP019

  • Art Number: AVBSP020

  • Art Number: AVBSP021

  • Art Number: AVBSP022

  • Art Number: AVBSP023

  • Art Number: AVBSP024

  • Art Number: AVBSP025

  • Art Number: AVBSP026

  • Art Number: AVBSP027

  • Art Number: AVBSP028

  • Art Number: AVBSP029

  • Art Number: AVBSP030

See something you like?

Request a store and mention the art number indicated above. Our designers will create logo options just for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

What's a Timed Store?

Timed Stores have set open and close dates. These stores tend to do very well at the beginning of the season then incrementally throughout the year when there is a sense of urgency (Spring, Nationals, etc.). These stores also tend to have wider assortments and lower prices than 24/7 stores. Lastly, Timed Stores are recommended to maximize fundraising dollars.

There is a 24 piece store minimum so if you think there might not be enough interest, we recommend a 24x7 store which has no minimums.

What's a 24x7 Store?


How does it work?

We have 3 template stores to choose from where you can include your organization's colors and logos to each product. The store will stay open without a set close date for parents and players to order anytime they want! You can refresh the store with new products anytime!

What is the turnaround time?

Each order is processed and shipped within 7-10 business day or less and shipped directly to your door!

Can I add additional products? 

We allow up to two logos and will provide two colorways to ensure the logos will work for all garments in the store.

How does fundraising work?

Yes as long as our partners have access to the products and inventory is available. Our team can help you with those specific requests.

How is payment handled?

Players/parents can pay for their orders with a credit card or gift certificate through the store.

How long does the store take to set up?

The stores usually take about 5-7 business days to set up.

How does fundraising work? 

You can add 10% to each product. Your fundraising will get paid directly to you on a quarterly basis.

How many logos can I use?

How many logos can I use? You can use up to 3 logos for printing and 1 for embroidery.

Can I return/exchange my team spirit clothing and merch items if I don't like them?

Yes. Our Spirit Store partner has a 100% product guarantee. If your order is incorrect, damaged, does not fit etc they will replace it at no cost!